So it’s been three meets now and I’m still doing this raw thing. As I’ve gone from meet cycle to meet cycle, I’ve added a few simple things to my training that have paid off. I want to share them with you. Now these aren’t earth-shattering breakthroughs in training science - so don’t get too excited - but they’re movements that anyone can accomplish. Maybe your training is perfect effort-wise, but for some reason it needs a little kick to push you over that PR hump.

I’m going to describe three exercises that have helped me out tremendously. I’m not claiming to be the best squatter, but I am claiming that these three exercises will help build your raw squat. They helped me go from 700 to 750 in 11 months. Each exercise represents a particular phase in training: recovery, hypertrophy and max effort. All of these phases are important and should be considered and done in each workout.

Band Work for the Hips

Step Ups

Top Pulls

Video of Top Pull During Training

This is unlike a block pull or pin pull, where there is break. Notice the weight was in my hands for 11 seconds with zero rest or break in tension.