• Ok so these may not be our top 12, but the title looks cool.
  • These were compiled using The EliteFTS Exercise Index.
  • I would write descriptions for each of these movements, but is it really necessary when you're seeing them done with real weights in actual training situations?
  • These videos are not professional because our video crew and fitness models kind of get in the way of the real training and can't spot for shit.
  • If you have any questions, hit me up on the Q and A. Ask Dave

Power B - Tricep Hell


SupraBar Extensions

Weighted Dips

Decline Key Press

Moderate Grip Floor Press With Chains ...and a lot of grunts

Tricep Ladder

Tricep Creepers

Close Grip Stand Press

Overhead Rope Extensions

Close Grip 2-Board Press

Swiss Bar with Chains