Yesterday, Bulky Jr. was out lifting. I am used to him lifting. However, I am always amazed with how old he is getting, how quickly time flies and to see him doing something he hasn't before.

I was the unwelcome guest during "guy time" and it was obvious with the snickers and eye rolls. I was compelled to stay just to look over form and details. At one point I lost my cool and reminded Bulky Jr. who I am (he doesn't care) and that I know a thing or two about lifting even though I am not a guy. Actually that's a pretty familiar reaction from guys so maybe I had just lost patience with that perception.

Videos in the past have shown Bulky Jr. moves his right heel up during the deadlift. It looks more like he's pulling from the balls of his feet and loses some drive. He was pulling sumo yesterday and with some yelling it was resolved.

Then the boys moved on to Box Squats with the Yoke Bar w/ Handles. I was sort of shocked they were going down this road and I could feel crazy mom mode kick in. It was time for me to leave. Before I left, I had to snap a picture becuause it was another lifting milestone and was just too cute.

I came inside and was looking at the picture and some things struck me. Here is an 11-year-old kid, lifting with some of the best equipment out there. It doesn't mean a thing to him yet, there are men all over the country that would die to have access to what he does. It's just normal in his world and he doesn't know any better.

We have been lifting for years with substandard equipment, yet were able to make incredible gains. Over the last year, we decided to upgrade everything and get what we needed to properly train. Of course there is always a wish list, monolift and some other odds and ends, but we have what we need to have in order to get the job done.

The point that drove us over the edge to spend the money now on equipment, was the kids. The expectation is that they will continue to train for whatever sport they choose. In order to facilitate their development, properly training is critical. We bought the equipment with the kids and their futures in mind. Let me clarify, I am not pushing living and breathing any sport in particular. They will do what they choose, but I am confident that lifting will be at the core of whatever path they decide to go down.

I am sure the cost per use is pretty small just with mine and The Big Guy's training. Now, factor in the use the kids and their friends will get from the equipment. This equipment is being used daily by myself and The Big Guy. Factor in two kids, and it really is used a lot.

The point I am trying to make is that on the surface the cost of equipment is high. This can be interpreted as being selfish for wanting to spend so much money on equipment. I always thought that way. It was an excess I didn't think we needed to engage in.

If you step back and look at the big picture, especially if you are a life-long lifter, these purchases are reasonable and actually pretty affordable when calculated over long term use. Through the high school years there will be LOTS of kids over here training alongside us. They don't know it yet, but they will be some of the lucky few to have access to a strength playground.


He ended at 135. Not bad for his first time and weighing under 120.