Not long ago, JL Holdsworth wrote about Paying Your Dues. A link to the article came right to my email box, just as does every article on As I sat at work reading it, I realized how amazing it was. The article was one of the many instances that someone has taken the time to motivate, educate, or give an extra kick to readers. I am personally thankful for these articles, as they give me a short break during a long work day. They give me time to focus on something I love as an avenue to make myself better. The longer I am in the iron game, the more I find myself appreciating elitefts™ and what they do for strength athletes.

For myself, I can only hope that I'm paying my dues. Today, however, my thoughts turn towards paying respect to those who, day-in and day-out, teach me to be better. My question to each of you reading this: are you paying your respects? Some of you are going to respond, “how do I pay respect to a website?” Well, here are my thoughts.

1. Make sure Dave Tate stays in business.

I know money is tight for a lot of people, and we are always looking to cut corners. However, sometimes we need to prioritize a little better. I spent twenty bucks on a meal the other day and didn't think much of it — but did you know that the average elitefts™ shirt is less than that meal cost me? In the grand scheme of things, twenty dollars isn't much money to contribute to the people who invest in your training. Personally, I didn’t have any pride in that cheeseburger I ate. But when I wear elitefts™ apparel, I have pride in the fact that I am part of a bigger community. Pay some respect to Dave and elitefts™. Support the business.

2. Support the businesses of the sponsored athletes.

How much money would you pay for a physical therapist to rehab an injury? How much would you pay to have an expert lay out supplementation for a mass building or cutting cycle? How much would you pay to have a professional critique your form? Well, it’s all done for free on What often goes unnoticed is that these guys have businesses of their own. A way to pay your respect is to support those businesses, like so:

  • Spud Bartley has helped me with supplementation. Many sponsors give this kind of advice at no cost. Pay respect to these athletes and this site; don't ask questions here and then buy products on another site named after a river in South America.
  • Josh Bryant, Shelby Starnes, and Steve Pulcinella have all answered questions for me on As a result, I own at least one of each of their books. I also plan to buy Bob Young’s book, even though I have never asked a question of him. His log and advice inspire me, and he makes me think. Pay your respects by not combing the internet for a free version of these books. These individuals have taken the time to share their knowledge, so take the time to pay for it.

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3. Support the causes they support.

How often do you honestly get to say, “I made someone’s life better today!"? Elitefts™ and their athletes are huge supporters of Make-A-Wish® and HopeKids®. Send a donation or volunteer if you can. What better way to pay your respect and make a difference than to support one or both these causes?

4. Learn to navigate the site to do your own research.

Jim Wendler has been asked about 5/3/1 and power cleans a million times. Harry Selkow has been asked for a pull-up program about a million and one times. Most of the folks on elitefts™ have been asked the same question at least 100 times. Pay respect by doing your research and treating their time as what it is: a valuable commodity.

Respect is something that is earned. The folks at elitefts™ have earned it through their hard work, their time spent, and their belief in Live, Learn, and Pass On. Respect is something you get by giving.