The Econo Prowler: A Review

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The Prowler is a strength and conditioning tool sold by Let me first say that I have ZERO financial interest with or the Prowler. I review various fitness tools and supplements from time to time, and if they receive a positive review, it’s simply because I like the product.

Ok, with that out of the way, on Christmas night of 2007, I opened a huge box from my rather generous girlfriend. Inside, I saw a mass of metal tubes and pipes known as the Econo Prowler. I had been not so subtly hinting that I wanted this for several months, and I was so excited when I saw it. I almost tried it out right then and there. However, I decided to be normal for once and wait until the next day.

Putting the unit together took all of five minutes. It’s simply a matter of fastening two heavy duty bolts, and you’re ready to go. In my first session, I tried just about every movement that I could think of—pushing on the high bars, pushing on the low bars, attaching a chain to a handle, and pulling it forward and backward, on grass, and on the driveway. I quickly found that different areas had different effects. It was much easier to push or pull it on pavement than on grass. The length and “wetness” of the grass also played a role. Pulling was easier than pushing so I had to add more weight.

Since then, I’ve walked with fairly light loads (155 lbs) for 20 minutes, sprinted with more moderate weight, and done all out push-pulls with heavy (300 lbs +) weights. All have distinct possibilities. I like the light walking push/pull for general conditioning and body fat loss. It’s also great the day after a heavy training session for pushing the blood through the system and relieving stiffness. The more moderate weight sprints are excellent for conditioning, and the heavy push/pulls are best saved for special occasions.

The great thing about pushing the Econo Prowler is that it causes almost no soreness. No matter how much my legs were screaming while pushing it, I’ve never encountered any real soreness the next day.

Any drawbacks? There’s only one that I’ve come across. The front of the sled is not weighted and has a single “foot” that can sometimes get caught or jammed into soft grass/ground. It’s not a huge deal, but when you’re sprinting with it, hitting a soft patch and getting jammed can feel like you’ve run into a wall. The best remedy that I’ve found for this is simply putting a few “standard” (weight plates with the small holes) plates on the low handles. A pair of 25s seems to work best. This will keep the sled from jamming and also from coming off the ground when pulling.

A common complaint used to be the cost, but the new Econo version of the Prowler makes it extremely affordable and well worth every penny. I can’t recommend it highly enough! I've used it with clients ranging from football players to stay-at-home moms, and the results have been nothing short of amazing.

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