I was asked the other day why I posted some of the missed lift videos from the last meet.

I will use this video as one example.

First, I wanted Ted to see the lift so he knows the strength is there but that his technique was off (his ass came up).

Second, when any videos are posted of anyone who lifts for EliteFTS, all the other team guys watch and analyze them. A few days after the meet, I'm getting emails offering advice for them.

One very important thing to remember about training and competitive advice is that what others overlook is usually the answer. In other words, the answer is usually very simple but normally only comes from an advanced lifter.

Case in Point

Here is an email I received from Jeremy Frey regarding to Ted's bench miss:




I just watched Ted's vid. You think his feet are too far underneath? Looks to me like that could be causing the ass to raise a bit. He is going to have a hard time driving his heels down and body back if he's too much up on his toes. Just food for thought.

Benches looked strong.

Jeremy Frey, M.S., CSCS

I'm not gonna lie

While I would love to sit here and say I saw this, I would be lying. I totally overlooked it and thought the solution would be to turn his heels out some. When I read Jeremy's statement, "It will be hard for him to drive his heels down" I knew my assessment was off. Driving the heels down and the body back is VITAL to benching.

Most people will read this and totally disregard it as simple advice, and blow it off because we are not talking about some special exercise or program Ted needs to follow. We are simply speaking about a slight change of foot placement.

What does this mean?

What does this mean? Ted benched 440 at the meet, and as you can see in this video, he did press and lock out 490. With something very simple as foot placement, he will add 50 POUNDS to his bench.

This is without ever getting one pound stronger.

This is also assuming it only gives him what he pressed, while it very well could give him even more. Much more.

By the time his next meet rolls around, moving his feet A FEW INCHES may be what adds 70-100 pounds on his bench.

This has to make one wonder what other simple things you're not seeing in yourself or your athletes, doesn't it?

Remember this...

It's not always about the meso, macro or whatever cycle you have planned out. Sometimes it's only about.....

A few inches.