How would you set up a training week for someone with two ruptured lumbar discs and who can't squat or deadlift heavy, but still wants to push his raw bench as hard as possible?



First, I'm sorry to read about your back. Good luck with getting that healthy.

You could set this up a couple of ways.

Bench once a week:

  • Bench day with tri and shoulder assistance.
  • Core day (you still need to do what you can here), ab work, low back work, light leg work and/or sled dragging.
  • Back and Biceps day.

Conjugate Bench twice a week:

  • ME day with tri, shoulder, and back assistance.
  • Core day ( same as above).
  • DE day wit tri, shoulder, and back assistance.

I have found that my back feels much better when I add some low back or ab work with every training session. You don't have to push it, you just have to do it. Make sure the work is on multiple planes.

Vincent Dizenzo