What Programs Will Get You Brutally Strong?


For someone trying to get as strong as humanly possible, is there a single training system that is more effective than others...5/3/1, Juggernaut, Westside Conjugate? Are any of these better for a beginner, or for a more advanced lifter?



I believe that ANY program can get you brutally strong (even a bad one) if you stick to it and work hard. The magic is in the work, not the program.

If you asked me how many times I saw a moron that has no idea how to train be foolishly strong, and gave me a buck for each one, I'd be a zillionaire.

Just look at some of the football S&C programs kids follow and get jacked on.

With that said, I am not saying any of these programs are bad...quite the opposite...they are all outstanding.

The most important thing about a program is that you follow it, work hard at it and believe it will work. Hard work can't be understated.

You need to find a program that fits your personality.

To Illustrate:

I have a lifter who is VERY smart; he's a Harvard professor actually. I believe in Westside so much that when he first came here, I put him on a Westside program. It didn't work well for him. He's a "numbers" guy and needs actual percentages and spreadsheets to wrap his brain around it. He didn't believe it would work and it didn't. As a coach, I need to figure out what kind of personality my clients have and program for it. The client (or individual) NEEDS to BELIEVE in the program. I figured it out and the last program I wrote for him worked very well. It was dialed in to the "nth" degree with sets/reps/weights listed out – it worked.

So, to sum up: pick a program you believe in, work HARD at it and get brutally strong.

Knowing where you are at in your life, I would suggest a two-day template from 5/3/1.