This session will be posted using a different format than I normally use. For this session I will explain what's going on set by set.


Incline Press
*Medium Grip
*Controlled Tempo (not explosive pressing)
*60-90 seconds between sets

  • 135 x 12
  • 185 x 10
  • 225 x 10

These were all warm-up sets

  • 275 x 5

Still a warm-up, but used more to "feel" the weight out to gauge what I should do with the next two sets. I call this a "feeler" set. I could look at my log and see what I did last time, but it really doesn't matter because I may be stronger or weaker today based on my diet, stress level, time of day or if I change the order of exercises. After this set I knew 315 for reps would be an issue but 275 x 8 wouldn't be hard enough for where I wanted to be (between 8-10). I decided to go in between, with 295 pounds.

  • 295 x 8
  • 295 x 8
  • 295 x 8

Without a spotter, I didn't want to go after 10 reps. I might have got it on the first set, but not so sure on the second and third (I did use spot pins in the rack just in case). The last set was very hard. No way I would've gotten another rep.

Flat Machine Press
*Biangular Chest Press (E-Series)
*Seat set so handles were at nipple level
*Tempo moderate, but slower than incline. Best guess would be three count up, four count down
*Focus on flexing out of bottom with pecs, not arms

  • 200 x 10

This was the only warm-up set. Already warmed-up from the inclines. This is just used to gauge the weight and movement for the working sets.

  • 290 x 12...6....4 --> strip to 140

This was a rest/pause set using 10 second rests after reaching failure on each set. After the set of four, the weight was stripped and my gripped moved out wider with more flair in my elbows. Not sure how many reps, but the tempo was super slow.

Incline Fly
*Slow tempo
*Hold top for three count and flex as hard as I can
*Hold stretch for two count
*Stretch after set for 30 seconds each pec

  • 55 x 12

Only one working set taken 2-3 reps shy of failure.

Decline Hammer Press
*Moderate Tempo
*Flex with pecs out of bottom
*Hold contraction for two count
*30 seconds rest between sets
*End movements when 12 reps can't be done
*Stretch between sets

  • 225 x 12
  • 225 x 12
  • 225 x 12
  • 225 x 12
  • 225 x 8

Pec / Rear Delt (E-Series)
*Normal tempo

  • 140 x 15

Stopped 2-3 reps shy of failure.


Triceps Rope
*Pull apart at bottom
*Hold contraction for two count
*Use momentum to allow for more weight to be used
*60 seconds between sets

  • 100 x 10
  • 100 x 10

Warm-up "feeler' sets.

  • 150 x 12
  • 150 x 12
  • 150 x 10

My triceps crapped out on the last set.

Tricep Pushdown (E-Series)
*This is the machine where you it and press down like a dip
*Hold each contraction for a six count
*Moderate to slow tempo
*30 seconds between sets

  • 170 x 12
  • 170 x 10
  • 170 x 9
  • 170 x 4
  • 170 x 4

The plan was to keep getting 12, but it wasn't happening. The extra-long hold killed my triceps. This blew my arms up, so I'm keeping it in for a few more weeks.

Close Grip Barbell Push Up on Smith
*EFS Deluxe Smith Machine
*Start at bottom level on the machine and do six reps with every position as you work your way up on slot at a time
*Normal concentric tempo
*Very slow negative tempo

Only body weight was used so no weight to list. Started at bottom position and worked up to chin level over multiple sets.