For a while I've been training using a pyramid scheme on my lifts. (I work up to singles on bench and deadlift, and then I do triples on squat). This means that I'll usually have a cycle for five to six weeks, and I'd work up to say, 230 pounds on bench. Then, the next week I'd work up to 235 pounds, and so on, always hoping to hit a PR at the end of it or close to it. On bench, I like to have a back down set too, to get more volume in. So like 230x1 and then do 180x?.

Any thoughts/suggestions on this type of training? I get in a lot of my volume through assistance work, but I have had people tell me it isn't enough. It is working well now, but a lot tell me it's not really viable for long-term use. But surely if it's in cycles then it can be?

Appreciate any answers, many thanks.


I use a similar method. So whatever your top set is for a single, you can back it down with percents to add volume. For my training partners and myself, we like to use the following:

230x1 is your top set. So multiply that by 90% and that will give you what you should do for a triple. 85% gives you what you will hit for 5 reps. These work very well for me.

207 is what your 3 reps set will be.
195 is your 5 rep set.

Multiply your top single by 88% for your set of 3 reps, and 82% for 5 reps.

Let me know if this works. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Chad Walker