Even UFC fighter, Dan Hardy, knows who to go to in the U.S. for solid training when his title depends on it - EliteFTS.com’s Joe DeFranco.

When Dan received a call that he’d be fighting for the UFC title against Georges St. Pierre, he sat down with a team of coaches and designed his training schedule for the fight at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

One of the things that Dan and his coaches wanted was to get Dan’s body acclimated to the time change. They decided that three weeks would be the perfect amount of time. However, they wanted to make sure that Dan's training wasn't affected at all.

Hardy’s strength and conditioning coach in England, Ollie Richardson, knew of Joe through his website and 'STRONG' Documentary.

“Ollie called me about a week after the fight was announced and asked me if I'd be willing to take over Dan's program when he got to New Jerset, so he’d have a smooth transition,” Joe said. “Ollie told me how he's been reading my website for years and we have many of the same philosophies on training. He also told me that he showed Dan my documentary and Dan loved the attitude and intensity of my gym. So, I told Ollie that I'd love to help them out.”

The past three months, Joe kept in touch with Ollie on a regular basis. This ensured a smooth transition for Dan. The day after Dan arrived in New Jersey, he marched with intensity right into the gym and never missed a beat.

The other cool thing is that Spike TV followed Dan and Georges around for a three-part special that's been airing on Spike TV called UFC PRIMETIME. DeFranco’s Training Center was featured in the second episode, which aired Wednesday, March 17. It will also be featured on the Wednesday, March 24, episode at 9 PM EST.

You can view last week’s episode in DeFranco’s training log here.

“Dan and Ollie told me that they’ll be coming to New Jersey before more of his fights, and for a longer period of time, because they liked the training and atmosphere here so much,” Joe said.

Here's a general outline of Dan’s workout:

This is one of the two strength sessions Dan performs each week.

1A. Trap Bar jumps

1A. Vertical Jumps

2. Resisted TredSled Sprints

3A. Weighted Chin-ups

3B. Explosive Hand-over-hand Rope pulls (with band)

4. Standing Iso-Neck Lateral Raises

5. "Rocky" Sit-ups


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