The Final Days

It's close to the big day. How bad do you want it? Did you do everything you could? Did you sign up yet? Our Prowler® 2 contest ends on Cinco de Mayo (or Saturday, May 5). We will select and post the winner on May 7. Don't let this opportunity pass you by...make sure you enter for your chance at victory.

What difference would a Prowler® make in your training program? Would a Prowler® increase your total? Would it provide a level of conditioning on par with that of a Navy Seal, without compromising your goal of obtaining an elite ranking? Would a Prowler® improve your body composition, making you a leaner and meaner lifting machine? If you're an athlete, would a Prowler® allow you to enter training camp with a level of GPP that makes you a standout to the coaching staff and the example of the type of conditioning every member of the team should strive for? Would a Prowler® have a direct benefit to your leg drive, hip mobility, and posterior chain power? Would it?

If you ever used a Prowler®, you know the answer to that question. It can provide any, or ALL of those things...provided you use it with the level of heart required. If you never used a Prowler®, you probably saw the videos and read the articles about what it can do; the benefits it can provide, both physically and mentally. You may think you know the price that must be paid, but your understanding may only be at the surface level. There is no free ride here. The benefits of the Prowler® are directly tied to the effort exerted in its use.

This contest reduces a fraction of that effort by providing one lucky entrant with the actual device. We just hope that it goes to someone that regularly ends up sprawled on the ground, gasping for breath, fighting the effects of lactic acid build-up in the legs, cramps in the lower back and fire in the lungs. With a Prowler®, the real price isn't something that shows up on a credit card statement, it shows up in sweat and exertion on the blacktop. The benefits don't just show up in your training log, they become apparent in your character.

If you don't own a Prowler® 2 and you HAVE NOT entered the contest, then you have to ask yourself, "Are you up to the challenge that is an inherent part of the Prowler®? How important are your goals? How bad do you want it?"

Equipment 101: The Prowler®