Training at the combine, I see many, many (and let me reiterate - many) interesting things. It's amazing, these guys can lift things as heavy as nine of me put together...but they stand no chance against the prowler.

The main event on the weekdays after training is when Jim convinces everyone to go push the prowler with him. That is the highlight of my training day! These huge guys that think they are so tough and strong (which they are) turn into crying little babies when they push the prowler.


you don't believe it will kick your ass, you should get one for yourself and try it out. The limited edition prowlers will be discontinued at the end of the month, so there's only a week left.

you already have one and have experienced the prowler flu, make sure you join our YouTube group and post your video.

you want to experience the prowler flu, Dave suggested you give this new prowler challenge a try:

Prowler Challenge

50 pounds for a female
90 pounds for a male

Place your hands on the vertical handles and walk or run - it doesn't matter - 50 yards


Turn around and place hands on the low handles and once again, it doesn't matter if you walk or run 50 yards


Do as many pushups as you can on low handles to failure


*Do five sets of these or until flu sets in*

Think you have a better way to get the prowler flu? Post your prowler workout in the comment section below.More Prowler Flu videos