The importance of integrating the thoracic spine into your core stabilization is often overlooked or coached incorrectly. I am going to cover multiple aspects of T-Spine position in the squat, with multiple videos. If you have T-Spine extension while squatting, you have the opportunity to put 10-15 percent on top of your current max squat by correcting it. It is more than just not extending at the T-Spine, however. You must learn to cue the muscles responsible for pulling the T-Spine into position which will integrate this deep spinal stabilization with proper breathing and pressurization strategies. I cover these strategies here, if you are not familiar with them.

Next, I will cover thoracic spine extension in the squat, your hand position on the bar, its impact to T-Spine position, and how to integrate the bar on your shoulders into your core.

  • The misunderstood squat cue (0:54)
  • Remember what matters: the core (1:42)
  • Bad ribcage position (3:03)
  • The better squat cue (3:51)
  • Why focusing on chest up in the squat is harmful (5:28)
  • Pressurize, twist heels, fire glutes, and squat (7:53)