In this video series, elitefts™ columnist Ken "Skip" Hill shares his presentation from a seminar he conducted in Kingston, Jamaica. He covers his training, supplementation ideas, nutrition, Skip-Loading, and other aspects of life as a bodybuilder.

In this second installment, Skip covers:

  • Balancing Strong and weak points (0:07)
  • Programming rest between training sessions (1:50)
  • Rest intervals and efficiency of sets (4:37)
  • Training calves (7:43)
  • Circuit Training (9:02)
  • CrossFit Style Training(10:06)
  • Training unreliable clients (13:14)
  • Programming for size or leanness (16:43)
  • Imbalances that lead to injury (20:24)
  • Cardio (27:07)

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