In this video series, elitefts™ columnist Ken "Skip" Hill shares his presentation from a seminar he conducted in Kingston, Jamaica. He covers his training, supplementation ideas, nutrition, Skiploading, and other aspects of life as a bodybuilder.

In this third installment, Skip covers:

  • Value of experience over academics (0:07)
  • Nutrition, supplements, and Skiploading (3:20)
  • Different approaches to carbohydrates (7:26)
  • 30 minutes of cardio is not always 30 minutes of cardio (9:53)
  • Considerations for carbohydrate intake (11:05)
  • Skiploading protocols: early weeks of dieting (15:04)
  • Skiploading protocols: weekend eating (21:00)
  • Why cheat meals aren't enough calories (25:22)