You want to move ahead in your training? Keep doing what works and ditch what doesn’t. Seems simple, right? The problem is that figuring out what works and what doesn’t work isn’t so easy. And even once you learn what works, what works changes.

Any accomplished powerlifters will verify this. What made you strong (and kept you injury free) for your last meet is not going to do the same for your next one. It’s the evolution of an athlete. As you develop, your methods are going to have to evolve, too.

Some tweaks yield more progress than others. In this roundtable, members of Team elitefts share what changes led to their greatest improvements in powerlifting. By applying them, you can be another step closer to solving the formula for your own success.

  • Marshall Johnson (0:19)
  • Steve Goggins (1:21)
  • Casey Williams (2:07)
  • Jo Jordan (2:54)
  • Julia Ladewski (3:28)
  • Joe Schillero (4:14)
  • Brian Schwab (4:46)
  • JL Holdsworth (5:41)
  • Dave Kirschen (6:41)
  • Bob Youngs (7:20)