WATCH: Annual Programming for Powerlifting— Daily Layout of Squat and Deadlift Max Effort Day

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Ever wondered how to set up your training for the next year? Questioned how to determine when to compete and how to prepare? Not sure how to train in the weeks directly before or directly following a meet?

You're not alone. These are the questions that all powerlifters struggle with during their careers, constantly trying to refine their approach to in-season and off-season powerlifting training. One holistic approach to powerlifting is to program within an annual plan that accounts for all 52 weeks of the year tying together.

In this final installment of his Annual Program for Powerlifting video series, Brandon Smitley explains how he selects exercises and set and rep schemes for max effort squat and deadlift days. With a 52-week training plain already established in his previous videos, Smitley now details the layout of individual training days and how to intelligently load main, supplemental, and accessory movements. This involves prioritizing movements based on their level of carryover to your building movements and also understanding that your specific needs must be addressed with exercise selection.

 Annual Program for Powerlifting Video Series

Brandon's Training Log



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