One of the first elitefts-affiliated strength and conditioning coaches, Buddy Morris has been heralded as a pioneer of the strength and conditioning industry. He is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Arizona Cardinals and has trained multiple NFL hall-of-famers and Olympic gold medalists during his coaching career.

Because of these accomplishments, and many more, Buddy was asked to be one of the key presenters at the 2017 elitefts Sports Performance Summit. This video, the first in an ongoing series, is the beginning of his presentation at the event. Buddy begins by talking about his own experience of learning, and the way that he mentally approaches weekends like those at the Sports Performance Summit. He may be a speaker at many seminars he attends, but he is also a student. Learning more remains the primary goal of everything that he does, and he shows this through his interactions with the other speakers and the attendees.

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Buddy then discusses the two factors he believes influence everything you do in life: genetics and environment. Your genetics are going to determine a lot about your natural abilities and how hard you have to work to be successful. Likewise, the environment you grow up and live in will guide you toward one path or another. To demonstrate this point, Buddy uses the example of musical chairs and the proliferation of entitlement among members of the rising generation.

Buddy moves on to also talk about people who have influenced him, including strength coaches he's worked with directly, personal friends, and even Albert Einstein. He shares some of the specific lessons he's learned from these individuals and how they have impacted him as a coach.

Finally, Buddy begins his discussion of strength and conditioning methods by giving his perspective on a controversial topic: speed ladders.

By the minute:

  • (0:24) One hour of learning per day
  • (2:41) Buffalo, New York and "this is the way we've always done it"
  • (4:52) Genetics and environment
  • (6:38) Musical chairs, baseball, and entitlement
  • (9:10) Albert Einstein the strength coach
  • (10:28) Acknowledgments
  • (15:38) Speed ladders