WATCH: Equipment Feature — elitefts Tri Plyo Cube

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Today, elitefts Sales Director Matt Goodwin is going to show you the elitefts Tri Plyo Cube.

It’s 20 x 24 x 30 inches and is good for plyo-jumps, single-leg movements, step-ups, and more.

Whatever you do, don’t stack Tri Plyo Cubes on top of one another. You’ve got three different heights to use, so there’s no need to do any stacking in the first place, anyways.

Other safety suggestions include having a spotter and having a good hand on the Tri Plyo Cube. Make sure the jumper has something to step down on to avoid putting too much pressure on the lower back.

Overall, it’s a great tool and one you should definitely have in your home gym.


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