We receive a lot of questions about equipment, and one of the most common topics is collars and clamps. What kind of collar is most effective? Which collar is the most sturdy and least likely to break? What are the differences between different types of clamps and collars? Do you need a particular collar or clamp for heavier lifts? Will old school spring collars fit specialty bars?

In this video, elitefts Purchasing Director Andy Hingsbergen demonstrates use of the Setwear Boa Bar Clamp and explains why it is his favorite. The Setwear Boa Bar Clamp gets tighter than most other collars, is lighter than most other collars, and has proven to be very durable. He shows how easy it is to use: simply slide it onto the bar, press the wheel, and give it a few clockwise twists. To show how tight the clamp holds, Andy attaches one to a barbell and then slams the barbell to the deadlift platform. The result? The clamp holds on.

The Setwear Boa Bar Clamp will work on any type of barbell, both standard, and specialty, including axles, SS Yoke Bars, cambered bars, farmer's carry implements, and every other bar we've tried it on. Additionally, unlike spring collars, it does not have a natural reduction in tension over time; it won't simply "wear out" from normal daily use. Because of this guarantee, each pair of the Setwear Boa Bar Clamp comes with a lifetime warranty.

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