Some athletes excel purely through natural talent. Some flourish through intelligent programming and meticulous attention to training detail. Josh Bryant has done both — and now he uses his particular combination of intuition and education to build his clients.

Bryant, who started as an in the trenches master, traversed into the academic realm to fully understand the complexities of the human body and uncover how those intricacies can produce superhuman performance. In other words (his own words, in fact), he first discovered how to get results, and then determined why those results occur.

His most recent publication, Built to the Hilt saw massive success, even in the often-untapped mainstream media. He is the youngest person to ever bench press 600-pounds and to this day coaches record-holding powerlifters.

In further attempts to build the strength community, Bryant filmed and is now freely sharing his most recent seminar: Destination Dallas. We will be sharing these videos with you over the course of the next two weeks.

In this second installment of Destination Dallas, Bryant covers the use of special training techniques such as rest-pause, auto-regulation, and isometrics.

  • Rest-Pause Training (0:08)
  • Jailhouse Strong and Inmate Rest-Pause (3:08)
  • Rest-Pause Guidelines (3:44)
  • Auto-Regulation and Maximum Intensity (4:31)
  • Isometric Training (5:41)
  • History of Isometric Training Systems and PEDs (7:30)
  • Optimal Usage of Isometrics (10:16)
  • Downsides of Isometrics (11:15)
  • Benefits of Isometrics (12:35)