Tucked away in the corner of rust belt Ohio is a town known best for its correctional facility and lone manufacturing plant. Among the five restaurants and nine stop lights, you can find two hotels to stay if you're traveling through: one with bed bugs, one without. Producing only one notable figure in the last 100 years (Dick Lebeau, of NFL fame), most Ohioans have never heard of the town, much less visited. It seems bleak, but for elitefts, this is home. This is London, Ohio.

Away from the liveliness of downtown Columbus, London is a place to work free of distraction. No glamour, only work. This is what makes the S4 Compound the perfect gym for resolute training. If you can't do it here, you aren't going to be able to do it anywhere.

Right now, as John Meadows powers through his first off-season as an IFBB Pro, he and Dave are ramping up the intensity of their training. Dave is using this time to test his strength and prepare for an upcoming phase of heavy training.

John has switched back into high-gear as his off-season progresses, his determination fixed on bringing the best physique of his life to the pro stage. After winning his pro card at the NPC Universe and a hard fought battle to the Olympia stage, John's focus is on combining his precise movements with a training intensity he finds best in training with Dave.

Here is how their workout progressed:

Starting with the American Multi-Grip Attachment, John and Dave warmed up with three sets and then began their working sets moving inwards on the multiple grips.  After two working sets of each grip and then back out to finish off, Dave and John pumped blood into their lats up with 12 sets of 8-12 reps. Moving on to low rows, Dave and John used the Comfort DD Handles to hammer out 12 more sets in various rowing strategies.

Next up, Dave and John performed prone bench kettlebell rows for four more sets, this time slowing the eccentric contraction down for maximum time under tension.

Dave and John moved on to the real meat and potatoes of the training session: John, with a lat-tension T-Bar rowing movement, and Dave with his trademark block pulls. Starting with 315 pounds of bar weight, Dave added a chain per side per set for triples, moving up to a weight where three to five reps were difficult. At that point, Dave took a three to five minute rest and, well... you'll see.

The training session ended with four sets of 10-12 reps on kettlebell/dumbbell pullovers, intended to provide maximum stretch.

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