You never know which Dave Tate you're going to get.

Fat Dave? Skinny Dave? Water balloon head Dave? Stacks of abs Dave?

It seems that every seminar we host, an attendee comes up to Dave and says, "You look so different than the last time I saw you!" Just look at the image on the video below. Would you believe that it's the same person?

Dave has proven that he is capable of changing his form completely, a nearly unrecognizable swing in physique. Here he is at all-time bloatedness, and here he is at all-time shredded.

How does he do it? Well, the best shape of Dave's life came from working with Justin Harris. Harris has been part of elitefts on and off for years, taking a hiatus only to return to academia and study atomic physics. His intellect lines up with his physical strength, creating a coach that Dave trusted completely for a months-long dieting block.

In this interview, Justin finally shares what he did to start with the guy on the left and end with the guy on the right.

Justin Harris's Coaching Log