Sometimes we get so caught up in the physical nature of training we forget about the other impacts it has. This can particularly be the case for people that are already active individuals that take for granted the other benefits they reap from training. Unfortunately a vast portion of our population today live inactive and close to sedentary lives. Being regularly physically active is important to both mental acuities as well as emotional well-being. It isn't just the physical body that needs the healing powers of training it is mind and metaphorical heart as well. It is our job to help guide those around us to find this path as well. How we deliver that message and inspire others should be offered in some different messages. You never know which message will strike home. Will this alleviate all the mental and physical health issues in the world? That's a resounding "Fuck No."

Here is a spoken word piece, reflecting on my story of coming of age with the iron. Hopefully, it strikes home with you. If it does don't be afraid to share it with others that may need to hear the same message.

Use This ‘One Simple Trick' to Triple Your Recovery