NBS Fitness is known for being a hardcore gym. It is a place where driven people go to thrive and make extensive strides in sports and performance. There are a few main points that are thrown around often at this facility that make us better than the rest. One of these points is the equipment. Our facility is outfitted with the best elitefts has to offer from racks to specialty bars.

Today I would like to dissect the EliteFTS SS Yoke Bar, AKA the Safety Squat Bar. This particular bar has grown in popularity over the last several years, and not by accident either. The potential this bar brings to the table is impossible to ignore. However, due to its popularity increase, there is bound to be some confusion on how to properly use it to the most of its efficiency. I would like to hit a few simple points on how to use this bar to its maximum potential. In doing so, I guarantee amazing things will transfer over to your competition squat after a cycle or two implementing this bar.

This bar is particularly cut to throw you forward and many people have a tendency to aid this by pulling the handles down into their chest. Here are two cues to implement to defeat this bar!

Cue 1

DO NOT pull the handles down into you chest. This causes us to lose lat tightness and causes flexion of the back while under load. Do not even grab the handles, just rest your hands on the handles, squeeze your shoulder blades, and fire your lats.

Cue 2

DO Not push on the handles. This will also force you to lose lat tightness and put your spine into extension while under load

Remember: Keep everything tight like a normal squat, lats fired, and hands resting on the bar.