Twelve years ago, elitefts columnist Matt Mills got into the sport of strongman. During that time, he didn’t have much equipment to work with. Maybe that’s why he now considers himself spoiled since he everything he needs at his gym.

“I feel a lot of people don’t compete as much because they don’t have access to certain kinds of equipment, where I would just jump into a show. I wouldn’t know how to do an event, but I’d go in there and learn. That was the fun part of the sport.”

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people participate and compete in strongman, and Matt thinks it’s because a lot of them think they need the exact equipment they see shows or other competitors using. Unlike powerlifting, where you have set weights and you know what to expect, you don’t get that in strongman.

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That is something that really bothers Matt; he learned so much from doing these different events with different equipment, and he hopes to see more people jumping in, even though they don’t know what to expect.

“I like strongman because it has different aspects to it.”

What are you waiting for? Take Matt’s advice and get your feet wet, regardless of whether or not you know what to expect. The surprise is part of the fun, and you’ll learn on the go!