WATCH: Managing Knee Pain and Targeting Trigger Points

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What follows is not a medical diagnosis. It is not medical advice and should not be considered as such. Please consult a licensed professional before undertaking any rehabilitation or health protocol.

You've probably had knee pain. Your training partner has probably had knee pain, too. This doesn't mean that your knee pain was the same or had the same cause. In fact, there are a million possibilities for what could be causing your knee pain. Height. Footwear. Muscular imbalances. Arthritis. Sleep position. Posture.

WATCH: Go All In or Get Out

In fact, aside from high-impact athletic events, most knee injuries come from every day use and normal body movement.

In this video, Clint address a Strongman client and explains several steps to solving knee pain.

1. Squat to a box and raise the height a few inches above parallel.

2. Widen the squat stance.

3. Keep all of the weight on your heels and stop using your quads.

4. Get your leg muscles warmed up and moving correctly before every training session.

5. Locate the pain. You may be able to find trigger points up throughout the quad, or below the knee near the calf. If you find a spasm in a specific area, you've found the trigger point and can help loosen up by pressuring the area.



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