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When utilizing kettlebell training, it’s imperative to continuously work on your technique to improve your lifting, endurance and work capacity. Improving technique reduces the possibility of injury and ensures you are obtaining maximum performance with proficient energy exertion.

One of the most under-rated movements to improve kettlebell technique is the clean. A proper clean will set up your kettlebell(s) into the proper rack position for any overhead movement. If you struggle to get into a proper rack position, you exert additional precious energy expenditure and your training set will be terminated early. One of the things to pay attention to while doing the clean is the “hip and shoulder” relationship and how to utilize it properly to load the hips to propel the bell into position and also how to properly absorb the energy of the kettlebell on the descent to reload the hips for the next rep. The “hip and shoulder” relationship and proper knee movement is imperative to master any kettlebell movements such as the snatch, jerk or long cycle movement properly and efficiently. The clean is really the nucleus of almost every kettlebell movement when performed properly.

During our last visit to the elitefts S4 compound, Sheri and I did a couple of instructional kettlebell videos to help you understand the proper movements associated with the kettlebell clean and how it will help improve your technique.

How To Program Your Training for Kettlebell Sport