The Power of Saying No. It's an important part of Jim Wendler's life. He doesn't hesitate to refuse doing something he hates. There's the shit you can't avoid—taxes, taking out the garbage, paying bills—but there are also things you can avoid. And most people don't avoid them. Helping a neighbor move furniture? No thanks. Visiting family members you don't like? Just don't do it.

How'd Jim get to the point of living this way? Well, he got hit by a car. He laid in a ditch too afraid to try moving his legs because he thought he might be paralyzed. And in those moments, he realized that how much weight he ever squatted really didn't matter all that much. The powerlifting total he never hit and the PRs he never broke didn't seem so important.

In this edition of Off Topic, Dave and Jim talk about lifestyle. Jim shares his unique outlook on life and explains how his mindset has changed over time through competitive powerlifting and life after. Through this conversation, Dave explains how life regrets influence the way you interact with others and the impact they have on your life.

"I just don't want to die with regrets. No one cares about the hours you spent in the gym. I guarantee you want your wife and kids hanging out with you before you're dead."

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