WATCH: Personal Training vs. Online Coaching

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Most people think strength coaches only work with serious athletes. This is incorrect. If you're a strength coach—especially if you're one who is just starting in this industry—you're going to deal with a lot of general population clients. These will be clients of any age group who are interested in being stronger and healthier for the sake of improving their life, not for building a bigger total or participating in organized sports. These are people who want to be better in the gym so that they can be better in life.

For this reason, Christian Anto says that working with general population clients can be one of the most rewarding things in the world. In this video he shares the story of a new father who was struggling to have enough energy at the end of the day to play with his child. By working with this client over the course of several weeks and months, Christian was able to help him improve his fitness and the quality of time with his son.

Christian, who provides coaching and training services to both serious strength athletes and general population clients, also discusses the difference between personal training and online coaching. He points out several key things to note. Most importantly, Christian says that working in-person gives the coach a great ability to make the client move or feel certain ways during lifts, helping them learn proper movement patterns and techniques. Conversely, working with an online coach gives a client the opportunity to seek out someone who has a particular training style that they are interested in. This allows the client to find a qualified coach to educate them in the training methods they prefer instead of settling on the methods of the coaches in their area.


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