In lifting as in life, there are trials and tribulations. I think the majority of our readers can relate to the idea that there is no growth inside of your comfort zone. It’s why we get under weights that we’ve never squatted before and tear callouses trying to pull weights we’ve never pulled before.

The last two years of my life have been the most uncomfortable by far of my 28 years. But they’ve also been the most rewarding. I’ve gone through troubles surrounding relationships, my career, powerlifting, and most recently my health. I can say with certainty that I’m not the same person I was two years ago. And I can also say with certainty that I’m happy with who I’ve become. That’s an empowering statement when you can say it and feel it and mean it, Tony Robbins style.

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The editors asked me to write this intro, and in all honesty I didn’t know what direction to take it. So when in doubt, go with your gut and be as transparent as possible. This is one piece of the puzzle that has made me a better person. I put my ego aside and overcame some physical dysfunction to step back on the platform stronger and smarter. It took balls to step away from training and it took grit to stick to the plan even when I wasn’t seeing results.

I couldn’t have done it without Dani, Dave, Yessie, Marshall, Goggins, Bob, my training partners, and many others. But that’s what life is about — being resourceful when you get knocked on your ass. So take heed readers: life always wins. Your body is a rental and you have to turn it back in at the end of the ride.

So during your trip live life unapologetically, learn as much as possible, and pass on that knowledge to everyone who is receptive to it. Here is my first powerlifing setback and how Team elitefts fixed me — and how my struggles can help you.

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