Supplementing his long-running column on, Chad Aichs is now bringing you training information in a new form: The Reno Hardcore Video Podcast. You can subscribe to Chad's YouTube Channel here to see every episode as he releases them, but today we're bringing a special episode into our articles: Dan and Sparkle Green.

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In this Reno Hardcore video, Chad interviews world-record holding powerlifter Dan Green and his wife Sparkle after a seminar at American Iron gym. As one of the all-time greatest powerlifters, with many raw (with and without wraps) records in both the 220 and 242-pound weight classes, Dan has the experience and the knowledge to help any lifter.

By the minute:

  • (5:24) Top three things that separate a novice lifter from an elite lifter
  • (7:50) What is your perspective on missing lifts during training?
  • (8:45) Without missing, how should you handle heavy weights in the gym to prepare your central nervous system for the meet?
  • (12:49) How do you deal with life stress to ensure your training doesn't suffer?
  • (18:19) How does Dan learn to focus during his workouts instead of worrying about everything else in his life? How does he deal with his strength in specific lifts not being where he wants it to be?
  • (25:03) Dan and Sparkle's Gym, BOSS Barbell
  • (28:02) Where will Dan's next seminars be?
  • (30:57) What are the best hot sauces?

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