Dan Green is a lifter who needs no introduction. His accomplishments on the platform are numerous and unmatched: a 2065-pound total at 220, a a 2210-pound total at 242 — both records at the time, the 242-pound weight class record still standing. At any meet he goes to, you can be sure Dan is going to squat high into the 800s, bench in the 500s, and deadlift 800. For years, he has been one of the most consistent lifters at posting incredible numbers.

He is not only one of the greatest lifters of the current generation, but also of all time. When Dan visited the elitefts S4 Compound last week, he sat down with Dave to talk about training, BOSS Barbell Club, and the progression of lifters over time.

In this first part of the interview, Dave and Dan discuss training for powerlifting and how Dan's methods for his own training have evolved through his career. The real take-away: the progression from beginner to intermediate to advanced relies on an athlete's ability to auto-regulating their training. This means making adjustments on a day-to-day or 'audible' basis, using personal and physical states to determine your best course of action for a training session.