WATCH: SS Yoke Bar Setup How-To

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I’ve seen a lot of people set up the elitefts SS Yoke Bar incorrectly, and I am here to show you how to do it the right way.

When you do it wrong, you’ll bend over, and your back will round with the bar placed too high on your neck. You don’t want that.

What you do want is this: Set up and ensure that the bar is not so high on your neck. Get the bar back on your traps and keep your head still and upright as you stand up. Your upper back should be arched, not rounded. You should be able to balance the bar (without any weights) on your shoulders as it hangs from the monolift. And definitely get your shoulder blades back. Yes, even with the SS Yoke Bar, you need to do that.

Make every use of the elitefts SS Yoke Bar count. Every. Single. Time.


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