WATCH: Table Talk — The Current State of the Fitness Industry

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The fitness industry often times seems like it's in quite a disarray - from youtube "celebrities" to online-only personal trainers to supplement companies looking to make a quick buck.  For those new to the fitness industry in general, be it the teenage athlete stepping into the gym for the first time or the overworked father looking to de-stress while improving his health, the learning curve may seem unforgiving.

For today's Table Talk, Dave addresses the current state of the fitness industry, gurus, and snake oil salesmen. Instagram user @hostile.apache asks:

"What do you think of the fitness community today and all the shitty "fitness gurus" on social media? Thanks."

Well versed on answering this question, Dave responds making several points about the attitude needed to navigate through the fitness industry: 

  • "There has always been snake oil salesmen." (1:09)
  • "Most of the time what I see is really basic, regurgitated, general information." (1:56)
  • "It takes a skill set so that you don't hurt the person." (3:37)
  • "Reinforce the decision they made to come into the gym." (6:20)
  • "The more you bitch, the more time you take away from being productive." (8:15)
  • "I encourage people to read everybody's stuff." (9:20)
  • "If you don't understand, listen to somebody else until it clicks." (10:08)
  • "You don't want to get caught up in the suck, you wanna get caught up into trying to make things better." (10:30)

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