WATCH: Table Talk with Dave Tate — How To Find Your Perfect Weight Class

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Originally published July of 2015

One of the easiest ways for beginning lifters to build strength is through the excessive intake of calories. In most cases, gain weight and you'll gain strength. This is why the most common piece of advice to young lifters hoping to increase strength is to eat more.

But what if you can be more competitive in a lighter weight class? Does this mean that you shouldn't move up in bodyweight, even if it does make you stronger? Is relative strength more important for powerlifters than absolute strength?

To a lot of old school powerlifters, that idea sounds absurd. Is there any merit to it?

Most young lifters hope to find the perfect weight class for themselves — whether that be a slim 198 or a mountainous 308. In this video, Dave Tate helps you find the answer.

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