Originally published July of 2015

It isn't unusual to want to re-do life. We're all smarter than we were at 15 or 25 or 40. If we had the chance to do things over, chances are that a lot of things would be different.

This, among dozens of other reasons, is why it is so valuable to have a mentor. In strength sports, these mentors typically take the form of coaches and offer practical guidance on competing and living as an athlete.

Lessons are learned the hard way, though. Dave Tate is the first to admit that it took a lot of years of screwing up to finally get things right. He has made a life — and a company mission — out of helping you to learn from his mistakes so that you don't have the same ones.

But what about his own path? What does he do differently know that he wishes he would have known years ago when he was powerlifting? Would he change any of the things he did?

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