There are two kinds of powerlifters: those that come from an athletic background and those that don’t. Ken and Sheri Whetham fall into the first category, but not in a sport you might have guessed.

In my opinion if you incorporated some kind of strength training like powerlifting and you wanted to add kettlebells in for conditioning and increasing your work capacity, I don’t think there’s a better competition that you could ever use.

We both competed; we’ve both done very well. We’ve competed all over the place: Chicago, New York, Columbus at the Arnold a couple years, Michigan, Niagara Falls. All over.

In this video, Ken and Sheri discuss kettlebells for both strength and conditioning purposes and for competitive sport. They offer their personal background with the training methods and discuss the basics of what you need to know before training with kettlebells.

Following their introduction, Ken and Sheri demonstrate multiple kettlebell movements and discuss the differences between training and sport kettlebells. They also give tips on how to avoid common kettlebell mistakes.