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El Gordo Fat Bar



The biggest bastard of a fat bar you can find.

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elitefts is proud to bring El Gordo to the masses. El Gordo is the phattest Fat Bar on the market.

Product Features:

  • Weighs 75 pounds
  • Measures 16.5 cm around
  • Tough knurling

Fatten up your grip and your bench training with El Gordo.

IDEAL for triceps work, El Gordo is gentle on those aching elbows while allowing plenty of tension on the muscle belly, building a bigger bench and horseshoe triceps that swing from the back of your arms like hamhocks.

Big deadlifts tearing out of your hands prior to lockout? El Gordo can help. Training your pulls and rows with El Gordo will build forearms like steel cables and a grip that can crush windpipes and tear open jars that seem as if they have been welded shut.

Also, great for presses (overhead, bench or incline) with less wrist strain.

El Gordo is the one fatty you won't be ashamed to be seen with!

NOTE: Spring Collars do not fit or work with any specialty bar. We recommend any collar that screws down onto the bar like PROLOC collars.

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