Fat Bar Triceps Pressdown Cable Attachment

Great for developing strong forearms and triceps.

Typically ships in one to two weeks.

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Fat Bar Triceps Pressdown Cable Attachment


When you go FAT you never go back! This V-Bar is great for training your triceps. No more elbow pain and a monster PUMP! This is the BEST cable attachment we have ever used for press downs. This bad boy specs out at 2" wide and 8"long making it a perfect fit for any gym bag. Yes, you read correctly. CAUTION: DO NOT LEAVE IN THE GYM. It will not be there when you return. Fat V-Bar Press downs are a great finisher to any bench or arm training sessions. Picture this... You just finished a great bench session. As you sit on the bench covered in sweat feeling great about the HUGE bench record you just set, she walks in. You have been checking her out for some time now and you decide today is the day. But, your arms are flat All the heavy bench pressing is great for strength but this is not going to help you now. You need to get a pump on, FAST You reach in your bag and pull out your Fat V-Bar and rip off 4-5 sets of press downs while she in in the other room warming up on the treadmill. Five minutes later, YOU ARE JACKED You decided to finally make your move and walk over to introduce your self. After you give her your best "Hello There". She asks... "So, what do you bench?" She then proceeds to tell you she only dates POWER LIFTERS not jacked up bodybuilders. Live and learn.

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