Deluxe Double D Handle

The next level of the double D handle has arrived.

Typically ships in one to two weeks.


Deluxe Double D Handle

Welcome to the next level!

The Double D handle has long been known for it's ability to target and zero in on the lats.
The Deluxe Double D handle takes this to the next level by providing two different grips in one handle. One side offers 2" grips while the other 2 3/8". 
You won't believe how much different this feels! After doing one or two sets you will know right away that your lats have never been drilled like this before. 

Great for

  • Pull Downs
  • Low Rows
  • Chins
  • One Arm Push Downs
  • Hammer Curls (with cables or chains)
  • Front Raises (with cables or chains)
  • Plus much more...
    Pick this up today and remember once you go fat... 
    there's no going back.
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