Triceps Press Down with 4" Hand Balls

The best tweet ever posted...

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Triceps Press Down with 4" Hand Balls


Tweet Posted By @UnderTheBar (Dave):

"Curling my FAT shaft & Balls just gave me the biggest bicep pump EVER!!"

This product image was posted with the tweet. This got us thinking... This really is a product that will STAND UP in the crowd and SPROUT ahead of the pack.

To date, we haven't seen a thicker SHAFT or bigger BALLS on any tuggin' device we have seen or used. This PLONKER will engorge your veins with more blood than you ever imagined.

The spunk bunkers on this thing were even so big and hard that we were left completely speechless. It's a rare thing to find the boys so big & full and with a member as functional as this one.

The tightness and pump you will get is completely out of this world!

Great for...

  • Prone Grip Curls
  • Prone Grip Extensions
  • Reverse Grip Curls
  • Reverse Grip Extensions
  • All types of Grip Work
  • Reverse Curls
  • Ab crunches
  • Super Slow and Dynamic Training
  • Lat pullovers

Plus much more... Don't be a knob or a tallywacker. This is not a chub and something that should be included into your training if you are looking to build Monster Meat with a skin splitting pump. Adding this tool to your program will blow your junk apart!

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