Level 3 Tsunami Bar®

Level 3 Tsunami Bar®

Try a flexible barbell that is made from a combination of special composite materials that provides an extraordinary training stimulus. 

  • Greater muscle activation and stabilization
  • Build your power reservoir
  • Stabilizer muscles are 3x more active using this bar!

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Level 3 Tsunami Bar®

The dual action of Level 3 Tsunami Bar® includes amplitude and oscillatory movement to create a rolling wave that stimulates the sensory receptors, which are scientifically known as proprioceptors. When these sensory receptors are stimulated at a higher degree than a standard barbell this allows for greater muscle activation and stabilization. In fact, EMG testing data suggests that muscle activation is approximately 20 percent greater, and that stabilizer muscles are three times more active using the Tsunami Bar compared to a standard barbell.

All lifts performed on a standard barbell can be performed with the Tsunami Bar, and then some. 

Today's athlete is looking for a power reservoir inside of them that they can pull from at any moment in time—from a power, speed, conditioning, and functional standpoint. The Level 3 Tsunami Bar® will help build this power reservoir to meet the needs of a modern-day athlete. What separates the Tsunami Bar is that it comes to life, not based on weight added to the bar, but according to forces and movements that are used against the bar. This is what makes it unlike any training bar or device out there.


  • Black Label
  • Length: 90" long
  • Bar weighs: 15 pounds
  • Loading capacity: 45 to 135 pounds on each end of bar
  • The standard for colleges, professional sports, and some high schools

Safety and Use:


  • (2) pairs of Croc Lock Collars
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