Two months ago I made the decision to install a home gym in my basement. Here's an update of how this decision is panning out:

Ok, yes I sell weightlifting equipment for a living, yes I want you to buy said weightlifting equipment from me and the company I represent,! I am also a husband, father, coach, volunteer, and suffer from severe OCD so I cannot do anything half assed. I have access to the greatest gym in the world, the S4 Compound, filled with the greatest equipment in the world with more equipment, bars, plates, and machines that one could ever imagine using.

The problem is time, it is hard to justify to my family that I'm going to work all day then go to the gym for two hours, get home late, eat dinner, and go to bed. The weekend 3-hour training sessions became the biggest fight in my marriage, and my wife had every reason to be annoyed. So I bit the bullet and bought my own home gym.

By far the best decision I have made in the last few years.

Now I can lift when it is convenient for my family, not just for me. Fighting over the gym time is over and I still get my training in without feeling guilty. The added bonus of all of this? My wife and son use it just as much as I do. So the point of this is how much is your family, time, and peace of mind worth?

I think the small investment of a home gym is well worth keeping your loved ones happy. I promise, even though this is what I do to support my family, the home gym will keep a busy family together and happy.

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