“In the West, the key word in strength planning is progression. In the East, it is variability.”

The Soviet approach has an interesting spin on the way in which it manipulates training variables. Pavel Tsatsouline is recognized for having translated the methods and articulating what is referred to as wavy patterns of volume and intensity. Items of importance include: longevity, empiricism, periodization and perhaps research literature. The four rules or secrets are as follows:

  • The First Rule: Most Lifts Should Be in the 70-85% Range
  • The Second Rule: More Variability in Volume
  • The Third Rule: Intensity Varies, but Not in Concert with Volume
  • The Fourth Rule: Don’t Worry About How You Feel

“The Soviet weightlifting systems from the 1960s up to 1990 were known for breaking many world records, as well as for creating athletes with longevity.”

Great read if you are in the mood to stew over some complex ideas presented in an understandable way.

4 Secrets of Soviet Weightlifting (As Revealed by Pavel)