After a detailed period of product development and testing, Brian Schwab has officially released the OBB Power Handles through

Schwab has made detailed posts and videos regarding the multiple uses for the OBB Power Handles. From more biomechanically forgiving squat setups to shoulder raise variations, the Power Handles can be used for a beneficial alteration to almost any strength training movement.

You can see a lot of the specialized movement in Brian Schwab's training log, but here is a list of ways he has already used the OBB Power Handles:

  • Safety Squat Handles
  • Cambered Bar Handles
  • Front Squat Handles
  • Farmer's Walk
  • Stability Pressing
  • Grip Flexion and Extension
  • Zercher Squat/Deadlift
  • ROM-Controlled Floor Press
  • ROM-Controlled Triceps Extensions
  • ROM-Controlled Rows

Here's an up-close look at the product:

You can find more information on the product listing and purchase the OBB Power Handles here.