Sometimes we get letters from costumers that remind us why elitefts exists. It isn't about the glory of world powerlifting records or the pride of improving the best strength and conditioning programs in the country. When all is said and done, what matters for us at elitefts is that we empowered someone to make his or her own life better.

Vincent Dizenzo put this best himself on Facebook last night.Vincent be Positive Post

We recently received a letter from a customer and good friend of elitefts. What she has to say will remain an incredible reminder of why we do what we do, day in and day out — and why that is more rewarding than any athletic performance will ever be. 

Dear elitefts and readers,

I have known the Tate family for years. My son Grant Pullin has looked up to Dave for as long as I can remember. When he moved home for a short period of time around the holidays, he was as disciplined as he has ever been. Dave saw this and let Grant work out with all of the great people at elitefts. I know a lot of people reading this think it is just another strong man story, but that isn't true.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. I have friends who have fought and still are with this disease. I truly never understood it. I have so many strong and amazing friends that are fighting one type of this disease or another. God bless them.

My specific type, systemic, means the disease is in my blood stream and attacks my organs as if they were transplanted. This website is for the amazing and dedicated athletes that are to remind us how strong in heart, mind, and body we can be. My son gave me an amazing and kind gift: the Strong(her) Necklace. This wasn't in his budget, but it was in his heart. 

I have been wearing this necklace since Christmas. It started at home. Grant looked at me and said, "mom, you are the strongest person I know." As a mother, you could not ask for a better gift. He is a hard powerlifting with incredible strength. I couldn't comprehend why he thought I was strong.

This jewelry showed me. It's not about physical strength; it is about inner strength. Elitefts has shown me that strength comes from within. Due to my illness, I can no longer do my aerobic workouts like I did before, but I can still understand Strong(her).

My strength comes from within. Faith. Hope. Love. This isn't about muscles, this is about so much more — heart and soul. I grab ahold of this necklace when I need strength to stand on legs with such bad knees that I can hardly get up. I want this story to be told not because I am grateful for my son, but for the mere fact that when I wake up struggling to breathe, I grab my necklace and hold it and pray to God to give me strength. 

Thank you for reading this. Strength isn't just about your muscles. It's about so much more. It is about your inner strength. That is what these amazing powerlifters and bodybuilders show us. Pull up and hold on to your inner strength to get to the next goal (or in my case, the next day).

I hold my necklace in my hand and say, "slow dow, you can work through this."  When stairs make me breathless or trying to get to items on the top shelf buckles my right knee with excruciating pain, I remember the necklace.

In January I found out my brother had died. I held my necklace and walked into the barn to tell my husband. I immediately reached for my necklace as my family embraced me. It is heavy and it is strong. Because of that, it builds my strength in so many ways.


Alicia Pullin


Strong(her) Sterling Silver Pendant