At the elitefts Sports Performance Training Seminar, Mike Robertson reflects way back to 2000, the year he discovered Dave Tate.

An athlete all his life and a student at Ball State with an internship under his belt, Mike was on the search for one missing component to round out his start-up as a strength and conditioning coach: look the part.

“If I’m stronger, I can be a better coach.”

After an embarrassing attempt to fulfill his need to look the part (join the Powerlifting team and lift less than the girls) he realized he needed help. On a virtual quest, hunting for information to make him stronger, he finally stumbled over a guy writing articles named Dave Tate.

“He’s squatting 900, benching 600… People move that kind of weight? If this guy squats 900, I want to learn from him.”

Mike travels to Ohio to attend a seminar hosted by Dave Tate and Louie at Westside…

Watch what happens next: