Featuring WPC World Powerlifting Champion and 1,000LB squatter, Steve Brock and the #3 Ranked female deadlifter at 198LBS with a 500LB RAW deadlift, Crystal Tate.

Many books have been written over the years about powerlifting as there is so much to teach and learn about this amazing sport. Today we take a mere 5 minutes to look at something all squatters (except for perhaps the RAW/RAW) do in the gym and in competition, and that is deal with knee wraps. That said, even the RAW/RAW powerlifter might find himself/herself having to wrap a teammate at a meet, so there is really no escaping from this piece of supportive equipment.

All that said, the teaching purpose of this video is to demonstrate, first step by step with bullet point explanation, how to do a “basic” knee wrap (I say basic as there are a few variations when it comes to wrapping knees, but this is the most fundamental way and I have seen this method work with 300LB squats and have used it myself in three world meets and have used it to wrap several 1,000LB squatters. Like so many things in powerlifting, the type of method you choose to wrap your knew will develop and change over the years. There is no wrong, but rather, the right way for you).

The second demonstration is of the same wrapping method, however, done at full speed and in an actual setting during a training session with Steve Brock as he was taking one of his final meet prep squats (960LBS) as he was in the final phases of prep for the 2014 WPC Worlds in Florida. In the second demonstration in the video, the same exact method/steps are used, only the speed and intensity has been ratcheted up to meet the demands of a 960LB squat.

Knee Wraps 

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